“Disruptive Innovations” in the Healthcare System [Infographic]

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healhcare spending waste from technology
It’s pretty remarkable, and alarming, that approximately $11 billion per year is wasted due to “inefficient communications” in the healthcare system. Technology is so very helpful in the healthcare industry but only when used efficiently. Unfortunately, inefficient use of technology in today’s healthcare system is an all-to common problem that needs reform…and fast! That’s A LOT of money being wasted! Click through to check out an infographic from the team at The George Washington University School of Business that explains the issue and possible resolutions. Read More…

How to Calculate Calories Burned on an Elliptical at High Intensity

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Elliptical machine are not accurate in terms of calories burned
The only highly accurate way to determine the number of calories burned during an elliptical workout is to use indirect calorimetry equipment that tracks your breathing rate as you exercise. This equipment is typically found only at high-level athletic training facilities and doctor’s offices. Since you probably don’t have access to this equipment, the next-best option is to manually calculate the number of calories you burn. This method is not 100 percent accurate, but it will give you a better gauge of your calories burned than will the elliptical’s calorie tracking program. Read More…

How Much Time Will It Take to Reduce Belly Fat?

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lose belly fat
Belly fat accumulates just beneath the skin and deep within the abdomen surrounding the organs. The fat is known as subcutaneous fat and visceral fat, respectively. Reducing your caloric intake and exercising regularly are the two ways to naturally reduce both types of fat around your waistline, and both strategies take time to produce results — think weeks, not days. Modifying your diet leads to quicker results compared to exercise, but a combination of both strategies will help melt away the fat even faster. Read More…

Gluten Free For Weight Loss…Yes Or No?

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Gluten free weight loss diet

You may have heard about the gluten free diet at the gym, from your friend or even when reading celebrity weight loss news. Even though the diet is mainly recommended for those suffering from celiac disease, it has gained popularity in recent years for helping individuals to lose weight.

If gluten-free has been haunting you for a while and you’re thinking of giving it a go, here are some pros and cons of the diet you should consider first. Read More…

Recovery Time for Muscular Endurance Between Sets

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muscle recovery between sets
As if exercise wasn’t confusing enough — now throw recovery time between sets into the mix. It’s actually an important detail when trying to maximize your results in the gym. However, optimal rest time between sets varies depending upon your fitness goals – building strength or increasing muscular endurance. In general, short rest times between sets are more effective for increasing muscular endurance. Read More…

The Super Soft Skin Guide for Guys

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healthy skin- man
Men are often known for their rugged, manly (sometimes “good”) looks. However, if a man doesn’t take good care of his skin, then it will start to show up. And no man wants his youthful skin to get all leathery with wrinkles. Men who’re into self-grooming and take care of their skin are able to keep their skin youthful and smooth compared to those who don’t. Read More…

What Obesity is Costing? [Infographic]

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Today in America about two thirds of the American population is considered obese. That means that a person’s average body mass index (BMI) is over 25. Most of the obesity in America is located in the southern states, with Mississippi having the highest number of obese residents. America is second in obesity only to Mexico.

Obesity brings up a number of costs that many may not have thought of. The most obvious cost is for medical care due to complications from obesity, but there are also other individual costs incurred. These costs can include plus sized clothing, food, weight loss programs and disability payments. Money can also be lost due to a decrease in productivity. Even gas prices are higher for obese people because their car uses more gas depending on the total weight of the vehicle.

While obesity is a serious problem, many have seen this problem as a money making opportunity, particularly in the clothing and weight loss industries.

Read More…

How to Use Social Media to Improve Dieting Success

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Losing weight is difficult. Choosing which diet to follow amongst the hundreds of different diet programs is only the first step; sticking to the diet will deliver results. This second step, however, is much more difficult to complete. Luckily, social media platforms, fitness websites and smartphone apps designed to help us lose weight are becoming increasingly popular, making it easier than ever before to slim down. This article will explain how social media websites like Facebook and Twitter can help you lose weight while detailing two websites and smartphone apps that can help assist you in your weight loss efforts. Read More…

Easily Fix Physician Reviews

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online reputation
Online review websites are a great resource for people who are looking to learn about a business before they use it. The amount of information available on these websites makes them a very popular tool for anyone looking into a business. In a lot of ways, this is great for business owners because it gives people the opportunity to sound off on businesses they love. However, it also creates an opportunity for less scrupulous individuals to unjustly attack the reputation of someone they don’t like. In some cases, people don’t even know the people they write negative reviews about, it’s about attention. Unfortunately, these bad apples can cause a lot more damage to your business than you may realize. Read More…

Most Popular Weight Loss Diet Plans [Infographic]

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The weight loss industry in the U.S. is a $60 billion a year industry, and most of that money goes straight to diet plans like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. More than one-out-of-every-three Americans are obese, according to the CDC. If you’re one of ‘em, it’s time to make some dietary changes. This useful infographic will show you a comprehensive list of the most popular weight loss programs out there for 2012. Read More…

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